These are the books I have purchased and highly recommend any trader looking to expand their knowledge on the markets and trading in general. 

Traders Reality welcomes you to the steps I took to changing my psychology. It was when I looked deeper into psychology where I was able to break the bad habits that were hindering my progress in trading. This Short E book shows you the methods I used to change my "thinking" to a objective and systematic mindset.  

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Market Wizards 

A Great Read into the practices of the best traders in the world.

Trading in the Zone

Douglas explains the importance of seeing every moment in the market as unique. This book has been one of the foundations that i have managed to improve my trading on. 

Forex Scalping

For those Interested in scalping, Bob Volman explores how the true movement of price is based on the price action of  Tick charts.

Inside The Investors Brain

An indepth discussion on how the money mind affects decisions we make when investing and trading.

Day Trading For Dummies

For anyone looking to trade. The basics are here. 


Forex Price Action 5 Minute Time Frame

Another fine book on Bob Volman's approach to scalping the 5 minute chart. 

Naked Forex

Naked Forex Is Trading With No Indicators. Majoirty of the concepts in this book have allowed me to really see the market for what it is as opposed to what i want it to be.