Private One To One Sessions


Private One To One Sessions


One To One’s are perfect for anyone looking to improve the way they trade. These sessions are for traders who want to discuss areas of their psychology that may be affecting their progress.

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One To One Series

There have been countless times I just wished I could talk to someone about my trading. I couldn’t really speak with anyone because most of my friends and family couldn’t relate. They gave good advice but It was not enough.

This is why Traders Reality is introducing the One to One Sessions for anyone who needs to discuss any mistakes they have made in their trading.

This will be for 90 minutes where we break down the causes of you making mistakes in your trading. I continue to learn from my mistakes every day. My Blog posts are examples of the psychological battles that I have encountered and still do. I am not afraid to admit that I lose in this game because if you cannot accept a loss then you are guaranteed to blow every account you open.

If you feel that talking about your trading mistakes and areas you want to improve on will actually help you then book your session. This is why I am here offering this service because I know how lonely this game can be. I know the benefits of being able to share my experiences with someone who is involved in my field. It gave me time to reflect on their opinion and more so I knew that the person speaking to me was not biased either.

The beauty of these sessions is you can have the full 90 minutes in one session or break it up.

Anyone who books their session will receive a 50% discount for another 90 minutes. IF you require more than one session then the discount will remain the same for as many sessions as you see fit.