"How To Scalp The Forex Market" Series


"How To Scalp The Forex Market" Series


“Learn How To Scalp The Forex Market” - If you want to enter into the world of scalping, then this series is the best place to start. My goal with this series is to develop traders to understand how they can exploit the opportunities that are presented in the market.

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In Addition to the “Fix My Trading” Series, I have been requested to provide a series that involves learning how I trade the markets. This series is similar to the “Fix My Trading” However you will receive more guidance and assistance.

My main goal in each trading day is to accumulate as many scalps as I can take, Only when the market reveals the opportunity.

This is a very aggressive trading strategy and is not for the faint hearted. It requires dedication and patience.

Your objective as a scalper is to exploit the market opportunities as they arise.

I will show you the method I use and how to understand It. Once the 3 live sessions are over, you will receive my personal details to contact me at any time to discuss any trades you may have taken and require understanding from them.

Whats Included?

For a “One Off Payment” You will receive 3 Live trade sessions. Here I will be showing you what to look for in terms of entry and exits. We will build a strategy that is suited to you. Whether it be before you start work, during work, or after. When you scalp you can take advantage of many opportunities. That is the beauty of this strategy.

Once the course is complete you will automatically become a member of Traders Reality “Team Traders” - Here you will receive instant notifications of trades that I will take. Plus guidance on your trading.

You will be shown everything in order to understand how to use the methodology I use.

The purpose of this series is to give new traders a head start and guidance rather then trial and error which has cost me so many accounts in the past.

Before the Live sessions, we will engage in a One To One session so that I can help you set everything up, This includes the ideal broker for the strategy I use and indicators. I will be showing previous trades I have taken so that you can understand the strategy I use.

A great detail into understanding your psychology will be something we pay a lot of attention to. This method of trading can be trying, if you are not in the right frame of mind. The objective is not just to make money, but to show you how the market works and how you can consistently make pips in a systematic and objective way.

Trade well Friends.