Mentoring Traders To Consistency

I will admit, during my journey, I was making so many mistakes that was costing me so much money and time. My efforts during the first few years studying and trading the Forex market, was pushing me further and further away from even bothering with trading all together. 


Now i have read so many books about trading. All the great traders had one thing in common. They had a mentor or someone they could turn to. 

All i could think about was: "How do i get a mentor?" 

I didn't know where to start. I tried contacting traders that were successful and I got the same response each time. 

"Purchase this" or "Sorry, You have to learn yourself" or "My mentoring is $300 an hour"

I needed someone to help me. I was so passionate about improving my trading. It was all down to me and I had no idea if i was making the right decisions, whatever decisions i made. 

This is why I have decided to provide a mentoring program for new and old traders that are looking to improve their trading. 

These are the ways I can help you: 

Trade Ideas

1 to 1 Mentoring

Daily Updates

Help With Setting Up Trading Account With Recommended Broker

Money Management Questions.

Trade Signals

I am effectively acting as your trading shrink. You may come across some situations where you will want some advice on what the next step should be. I have been there before and I know i can help. There may be questions you man need answering that you may not feel comfortable asking on a forum. I have been there and it's so frustrating. 

Developing trust in this industry is difficult. So many signal providers out there are only out to take your money and assume that because there is risk in Forex, it does not matter if you lose all your money. There are also courses that cost thousands and don't really change the way you trade. They simply show you a different way to lose money. 

The mentoring will provide you guidelines. It will build the foundations that you need in order to prepare yourself for the unknown that is presented in Forex. This business is a lonely process of development. Why should you continue like that? 

Having a mentor by your side will allow you to take the next level trading. 

Check Out the Link below to explore the free content regarding the mentoring program.