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The only expectation you can have in trading? There will always be a market tomorrow
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Articles below provide an insight into the true reality of trading. Do you have what it takes to become a Trader?

Without This...

Trading Composure opened my mind into realizing the mistakes i was making as a trader. It was only through Trading Composure that i became consistent. Read My Story...

Allow Me To Briefly Introduce... 

The Stock Market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the people, most of the time. (Livermore)

The statement above pretty much sums up trading. Many people make the mistake in thinking it's easy to open an account, deposit some money and make one successful trade,"time to quit my job".

If only it was that simple...

Like "Price", the market manipulates us traders with our emotions. Don't be a Puppet...

Like "Price", the market manipulates us traders with our emotions. Don't be a Puppet...

So your here... You have probably come across many blogs, websites, market gurus all selling the premise of how to beat the market... (Laughs Out Loud)  lets face it, If the market was developed to be "beaten" then we would all become bankers with deep pockets, taking from the market. But wait, hypothetically, if we all were beating the market, we would be bankers ( with loads of money) and there would be no bad traders making bad decisions, then there would be no liquidity in the market?

Does that make sense? Your probably thinking where is this going? 

The purpose of my website is to introduce the true reality of how the market works. Many are still oblivious to how it works. There are traders that are holding their "indicators" as "Holy grail" or " beat the market with.." a MACD, Bollinger bands, RSI.

Now I am not advocating that these indicators don't work, but during my journey, I have found them to be quite laggard. They don't tick the boxes for me. I always feel that something was missing when I attempted to use them to trade.

The Final Piece is PSYCHOLOGY...

The Final Piece is PSYCHOLOGY...

This website will include a blog that will talk about my daily trading activities. I will be discussing many of the problems that traders encounter when they enter into the arena of trading. 

The goal with this website is to engage traders who are new to Forex and hopefully gather a community of traders that can share all psychological obstacles they encounter whilst they trade and what steps they took to overcome them. Also trading strategy discussions are welcome. This site is about engaging traders with traders at all levels. Trust me...Trading can get lonely at times.

Most and foremost, I thank you for visiting my website and hope that it can create value and bring you success with trading.