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So you want to trade? You probably have googled “How to start trading?” or “ How to make money trading?”.  

To save you the hassle of jumping from broker to broker, system to system, I have provided below a list of the best brokers, the best place for education, pretty much all the tools you need in order to start your trading journey.

So let’s get started,

Before you attempt any endevour, the acquisition of knowledge is critical. Now you may already have some knowledge trading, which is great, below you will find the key places to develop the foundation to grow your trading knowledge. Now I could provide you a massive list of various schools of thought on trading. However you would only be making the same mistake I made over and over again.

My advice to you is this. Learn to become on with your psychology. Trading is 90% psychological. All of my failing in the market, have all been related to my thinking towards trading. The emotional battles I experienced, were all down to the lack of understanding how to manage my thinking. So your first step is getting your psychology in the right place.

Step 1 - Master Your Psychology


Trading Composure is a course that is exclusively dedicated to trading psychology. I took this course and it may sound very cliche, but this course changed everything for me. I was making the same mistake over and over again. I had created the habit of making mistakes and I would blame everything but myself. This course changed that.

Step 2 - Learning How To Trade

Learning how to trade is crucial. You must develop a decent level of understanding about the markets. Now you can purchase a course on how to trade the markets. Or, you can teach yourself. Now most will steer away from this, however I promise you, you will commit much of your hard earned money to various course providers, now some are good some are a waste of time. Ultimately, the person teaching you the course, no doubt will show you how they trade, but is the strategy suited to you? It may make money for the course provider, but are you disciplined to follow the rules that the course sets out?

So, start with a general overview of what trading is about. Some will challenge this, but in my opinion, I believe the resources and information are great for providing anyone new to trading the foundations they need to enter into the world of trading.


NEW TRADER U - Founder: Steve Burns.


After a lifelong fascination with financial markets, Steve Burns started investing in 1993, and trading his own accounts in 1995. It was love at first trade. A natural teacher with a gift for cutting through the bull and making complex ideas simple, Steve took to blogging and social media by founding New Trader U in 2011.

Steve provides extensive knowledge on trading. If there is a place to start its with steves courses. Many traders have taken Steve’s courses and gone on to systematically apply the methodologies that Steve teaches.

Baby Pips

Baby Pips provides a free course, which is similar to being at school. It comes in stages and it monitors your learning. This is a great tool and the most cost effective for any new to the game of trading.


Step 3 - Best Brokers

Finding a broker can be difficult, considering there are thousands of brokers that provide you access to the markets very few have an interest in you actually making money. Traders Reality has teamed with renowned brokers in the industry to provide the best service for anyone looking to start trading. Like me, I went through a plethora of brokers, so to avoid this happening to you I have recommended using the following brokers. All are REGULATED. So there will be no surprises. The most common platform to trade on is MetaTrader 4. This comes as standard with the brokers below which can be installed within minutes.

I advise that you open an ECN account. which is a acronym for “Electronic Communication Network” This is the future for the Foreign Exchange Market. All the brokers recommended provide this. The benefits is the ECN account links you to the bigger pools of liquidity and the small spreads allow you to make your execution at the best possible price.

Explore the Brokers below for more information.

Step 4 - Trading Computer Set up

Now this section is subject to everyone’s preference, please use this as a guide, Not everyone will want a desk top, some may be comfortable with a laptop. In my opinion, based on the way i trade, I need to have a “Trading Desk”. All you need is two screens, hard drive, suitable desk and comfortable chair. Below are some recommendations:


Starting Your journey

Now I am not suggesting that the above is the formula to success in your journey. I have carefully provided the tools about to what I believe is relevant and necessary for any new trader wanting to start their trading journey. Will you become successful? Who knows?, but you stand a great chance because the above educators are fair with their pricing for the modules they provide and their wisdom and knowledge is priceless. The brokers are regulated, so you will be avoiding all the pitfalls and sour experiences I encountered when I was on the quest to finding the ideal broker.

If at any point you require further assistance, please fill out the form below and simply just ask me, I usually respond within an 1 hour or so, but I am here to help.

I wish you all the success on your first step on your trading journey. If I can be of assistance towards your success then please communicate with me.

To your happiness and success.


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