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Osher Group - Traders Supporting Traders

Having been exposed to the realm of the internet I can safely say I have had my fair share of Forex Copying services, Signals, courses.

The reason why I started Traders Reality, is to share with other traders who may be struggling, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My goal with the Traders Reality blog is to discuss all the experiences I have encountered. This game is about psychology, a topic that is heavily misunderstood, but if time is taken to study it, then you will knocking on the doors towards consistency.

The beauty of the internet is you can connect with some amazing people. It’s even better when they are specialized in the field you have chosen to study.

The problem with trading, especially for anyone new to this game, is the passion. Do you really want to become a trader or do you like the idea of being one? Big difference…I guess the difference is not if you want to become a trader, do you have the desire to become one.

A with anything in life, they say to do what you love.

Now don’t get me wrong, trading has made me hate it, resent it, completely wanting to eliminate everything and anything to do with trading. But I come back for more because I have tasted the fruits of this game and there is so much to be realized before you turn that leaf towards consistency.

I have been looking to create a team of traders that I can guide and help with their psychology and steer them in the direction of trading profitably but more importantly mindfully.

I have collaborated with a several Ex City Bank Traders which we have now formed the OSHER GROUP.

Osher Group

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The word Osher is Jewish for “Creating Wealth”. Osher Group is a service dedicated to traders supporting traders. It’s not a Forex copying service, It’s not a signal service, neither do you have to pay a subscription. The goal of Osher Group is to help traders create wealth by guiding and mentoring traders who join.

The process is simple, you select the type of trader you want to trade alongside with,whether it’s scalping, swing trading, position trading and then you liaise with you chosen trader at allocated times to trade. The goal of the Osher Trader is to guide you to not make mistakes and provide feed back. This is crucial for any trader looking to expand their development.

The Osher Group is in the final stages of completing the website. The partners that have agreed to join this movement carry a wealth of experience which is creating value for potential clients from the day get go.

I am sharing this because it is of value. A Massive 40% of traders quit within their first month. Traders Reality and Osher Group want to drop that figure.

Trade Well My Friends